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How Social Media Is Changing The World In 2017

This blog is dedicated to helping people to use SEO effectively so that they can get more visibility in the search engines. We are going to look into web 2.0 properties and see how Social sites can make a difference in the marketing of businesses.

How Social Media Is Changing Marketing Techniques!

Social media marketing for the 21 centurySocial Media has come a long way since mid-2000’s when most people including myself did not know what web 1.0 was back then. Today in 2017 we know exactly what all this means. In fact its all about Web 2.0 these days. What makes it even more interesting is people are so open to digital marketing ideas via social media platforms. Businesses now readily pay money to get their brands out on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to name a few.

This swing to digital marketing is so huge that traditional print type advertising has been suffering, with more and more national and local businesses going to ground. Sadly if these businesses do not change their modus operandi they will be extinct in the next 10 years.

Let us look at a few examples here and see how the internet has changed the way business works these days.

Example Number 1

If a real estate agent these days were to advertise a property for instance she may list the property on a number of social sites rather than opt for a local newspaper listing in her area. In just a matter of 10 years the sale of ads in print media has dropped off tremendously and most often you just don’t get the return on investment you expect from your advertising dollar.

Example Number 2

I see restaurants these days seldom run big color spreads in their local magazines. Instead they have dedicated Instagram and Facebook pages that run snippets of short articles or photos around fun and excitement, food and recipes based around what is happening at the business. Again this is a big shift away from traditional advertising.

Example Number 3

Fitness trainers run great local business and have gathered their clients around Facebook Group pages. Through these pages they can effectively run campaigns and inform clients of new events happening at the gyms without spending any extra money on advertising.


Recently I have been travelling through Australia and have noticed so many of the local businesses have now started to pay more attention to getting their websites and Facebook pages noticed on Google. Gone are the days when local companies can take business for granted. They need to adapt to the internet.

While passing through Western Australia, NSW and Queensland I stopped to ask Brisbane’s local cafes and restaurants how they now find the local SEO Brisbane agencies in the South East Queensland? From what I hear the Australian SEO firms are as good as what we see in the United States. Australia has a lot of great professionals that are helping local business to get better local search results. So if you are in Australia look for someone to assist you with your Social Media and SEO and start to attract more traffic to your business.

Finally looking at the way local businesses are adapting to change it just makes common sense that if we want to succeed and make profits we need to look at more effective ways to get our message out to our potential clients. The answer lies on the internet, in particular, Social Media.

Good Luck!

Nora Footman

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